You Know You’re a Single Mom When…

Since I would love for this blog to be interactive, I’ll start with a post for all my single mom friends.  Help me compile a list of experiences some single moms might find themselves in.  For example:

A few weeks ago my son started baseball.  This is his first experience with organized boys’ sports, so he needed an athletic cup.  Well, most families would delegate this job to the male adult in the house, but as a single mom, I was the lucky one to have to  go to 4 different stores (because of course they were sold out everywhere) to find the right equipment.

I am sure there are so many more experiences I have had that belong on a list such as this that I have forgotten, but let’s here your You Know You’re a Single Mom When experiences.  When have you felt the uniqueness of being a single mom…

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6 Responses to You Know You’re a Single Mom When…

  1. Mary Helen says:

    My son is now 18, but your situation made me laugh while remembering my first experience with “the cup”. My son was in kindergarten and taking a karate class which required he wear a cup while sparring. I had no idea how to dress him in “it”, so during his first spar… the darn thing fell out of his pant leg! His kind male instructor took my boy into the restroom and showed me the proper placement of this important piece of equipment. Luckily, Grant was too young to be embarrassed!

  2. drea says:

    Kid 1 has a birth day party, kid 2 has a different important event in a different location, and you have a meeting/hair cut appt/ etc. already booked and you somehow manage all three. You know you’re a single mom when you are a master juggler.

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