You need a network!

When you have kids, you need a network. As a single mom, this is even more true. I really got to test out my network in the past week to see if it was working, and thank goodness it was! Friday I was rear ended on my way home from work and had to stay until the police filled out the report. While the littlest could stay at daycare longer, the older one was on the bus home and there was no way I would get there before the bus came and because he is only in kindergarten they won’t let him off unless someone is there to pick him up. Grandparents were up north, so first call for relief to a neighbor to see if she could get him from the bus. Turned out another neighbor was picking up her kids, so she called her to have her take my son with them too. One disaster avoided. We missed swimming lessons which is minor as we could make it up, but make up classes with a new teacher and kids do not go over so well with an autistic child, so it was a lot of crying, tantrums and frustration for all just to get him to 1/2 participate in the last 10 minutes of class. Then 3 days later I was incredibly sick and had to call a friend (grandparents on a trip this time) to take the kids to school and daycare so they could get breakfast since I wasn’t able to do anything except lay down or be in the bathroom. Later had to arrange a ride and chaperone for my son’s first baseball game since I wasn’t sure if I would be better. Another friend to the rescue. Luckily I was feeling better and was able to go watch the first baseball game (I would have felt so guilty to have missed it) with my friend who stayed around to make sure I didn’t need to leave early.

So Thank You neighbors and friends for stepping up to the plate. I am so thankful that I have a network.

Words of advice: leave plenty of following room when driving, get to know your neighbors because you never know when you may need them and create a network of friends, especially if you are a single parent, because you may need it even if you have an incredibly helpful family.

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