Summer: Is it over yet?, no wait, Why is it going so fast?

Well summer is here.  Friday was the last day of kindergarten.  Lots of emotions with that one (probably should have posted on that).  Saturday was a busy day of fun activities.  Sunday (day 2) we were bored already!  What?!?  After having let the kids watch to much t.v. already in the morning because my back was acting up, I suggested we go to the park.  One was thrilled, the other, not so much.  A big part of the struggle is trying to get my Asperger’s afflicted son with his sensory issues to put sunscreen on!  Boy will this be a long summer.  After probably around a 30 minute tantrum, I got them out of the house and to the park and then at their suggestion we went for a long walk!

I had initially thought that my job this summer would change from librarian to chauffeur since I only work one day a week at the office, but am quickly realizing that it really will be referee.  On Monday, we went to the chiropractor and I had to referee while getting treated, not too easy to do, but we had the chiropractor smiling at the fond memories of her kids doing the same when they were young.   I haven’t been as organized this summer in putting together a calendar of all the free local events we normally go to, but will have to get on this soon so we don’t drive each other crazy this summer.  I even signed them up for another camp because I realized we all do much better with some structure in our lives and since I am not very good with structure, this should help.  As much as I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, I don’t think I have what it takes; working part time would now be my ideal!  I also really need to get around to reading the book Siblings without Rivalry before my kids do any damage to each other.

While I am pulling my hair out wondering how we will get through this summer, I look at the calendar and realize there are only 2 weeks of June left and I’m wondering why my summer is going so fast!  It will be over before we know it.  So, back to summer and making the most of the time we have together.  We have started a list of things we want to do and inevitably we will not be able to do them all, but fun will be had along the way and we will survive!

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