Autism and Emotions – An Example and Autism Acceptance

As we were driving home late on Saturday from an evening full of fun activities, the 5 year old says to her brother with Aspergers: “Do you care about me?”  Eager to hear the response, I continue driving and am as quiet as a mouse.  I was just thrilled with where the conversation went from here.  I could not be more proud.

7 year old Aspie: Yes I do.  Sometimes you can be a pain in the butt and I wish I never had a sister, but other times I am very concerned about you, like when you kept falling when we were ice skating.  (After a few seconds pause.)  When I am upset my heart is the size of a walnut, but other times it is as big as a watermelon.

5 year old: Sometime I want to be like you since you are older and can do more things.

7 year old Aspie: You should love yourself the way you are.  My family and friends love me just the way I am.

This sounds like the full range of human emotions to me, including empathy.  It is also wonderful that he is getting the message that he is loved just the way he is!!!  All the work to make him feel loved and accepted and not defective are working…

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