Books for kids with Autism/Aspergers

The busyness of life has taken over and I have had little time to develop any profound thoughts to write about.  I have, however, continued to read and watch any possible thing I can about Autism/Aspergers, so the next few posts will talk about these books and movies.

Ethan’s Story: My Life with Autism by Ethan Rice.  This is a nice book written by a boy with autism describing himself to his friends.  It starts out with the basics that all kids are different and he is tall.  Then it touches on the autism differences.

I Love Being My Own Autistic Self: A thAutoons Book by Landon Bryce.  The cartoon characters in this book represent people at various points on and off the autism spectrum.  It introduces the various difficulties autistics face.  It also gets into the philosophical viewpoints of these characters and how they feel when people other people talk about various issues such as autism being a fad or needing to be cured.  It can be a bit dense for the younger reader, but is a great introduction to Autism.

All Cats have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopman.  While very cute, it makes some very general statements about what autistics are like.  Since all autistics are different, not all of the statements apply to everyone.

Emotes books by by Matt Casper and Ted Dorsey.  The two we have read are Cant Looses his Cool and Drain and the Mystery of Sleep.  My son loves the Emotes characters that he was introduced to at school.  Each character represents an emotion and how that emotion can take over and how to deal with it.  They are very well done and a great starting point for talking to kids about emotions.

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